Environmental Liability Insurance
Who is obligated?

The obligation to take out insurance applies to

2 Activity groups

Activities identified as priority 1, 2, and 3
by the Environmental Risks Act

Priority 1 activities
Facilities involved in handling, manufacturing, using or storing hazardous substances. Refineries, petrochemicals, oil depots, and explosive depots, as well as high-power thermal power stations or hazardous waste assessment plants, among others.

Priority 2 activities
Refers to activities and facilities such as refineries, smelters or landfills, among others.

Priority 3 activities
Encompasses a broad spectrum of operators, ranging from a significant portion of the agri-food industry, through to metal production.

Managers and large-scale producers of hazardous waste

The need for a financial guarantee will be determined by the environmental risk analysis and its relevance to the estimated costs:

– Bond
– Self-guarantee


Choice of insurance, indicating its mandatory nature. A portion of the premium will be allocated to extend the Insurance Compensation Consortium Fund guarantee.

Activity inside and outside the insured premises, transport, etc.

Waste managers and large-scale producers of hazardous waste

Your regional Administration requires insurance for authorisation and sets the insured sum at its discretion.


Food industry
Used oils
Electrical components


Urban services

And also…

Civil liability for contamination and stoppage costs (optional).

Supplementary and compensatory repair.

All coverages without sub-limits.

Increase the minimum amount in order to ensure optimal protection.

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