Environmental Liability Insurance What does it offer me?

Environmental Liability Insurance is a

3-in-1 product

Environmental Liability Insurance

The insurance company covers the costs of urgent measures to prevent damage or address suspicions of an imminent threat before any damage occurs.

It also liaises and mediates with the Administration in order to resolve the conflict.

After the damage has occurred, the insurance company:

  • Helps take measures to ensure damage is kept to a minimum.
  • Negotiates with the relevant Authority.
  • Plans, contracts and oversees repairs, including primary, complementary, and compensatory actions.

Civil Liability Loss Insurance

Should a third party lodge a claim against you due to contamination, the insurance covers:

  • Material and personal damage, as well as properties and rights.
  • Losses from the damage.
  • Losses not from the damage, mandatory closure due to risks, etc


It complements general Civil Liability insurance, which usually excludes contamination.

It includes employer’s liability for occupational accidents due to contamination.

Insurance for Loss of Profits due to Environmental Damage

If activity cannot continue, the insurance compensates for lost gross earnings, starting from the sixth day and up to a maximum of 365 days.

This insurance is optional and supplements the own-damage loss of profit insurance, acting in excess of it.

Enjoy our 3-in-1 product

Enjoy our 3 in 1 product which also includes:

Decontamination of the insured’s own soil INCLUDED 100%.

Costs of Primary, Supplementary and Compensatory Prevention and Repair, UNLIMITED.

Activity inside and OUTSIDE the insured premises, TRANSPORT, ETC.

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