Environmental Liability Insurance
What is it?

The risk of being held liable for damage to natural resources

caused by your activity.

1 If damage occurs, you will have to:

the affected soil, as well as any surface and/or groundwater.

any damaged wooded area, regardless of its size.

the affected species, whether plant or animal.

If the environment cannot be restored to its original state, the injured party must receive compensation through further restoration of natural resources.

If repairs take an extended period, further compensation is required for the reduced enjoyment of these resources.

Who can demand liability?

The Administration
can enforce liability and demand repairs.

The injured
party can claim restitution of damage and losses.

What do you have to pay?

Environmental Liability Insurance exempts you from paying for damage to natural resources, but requires restoration of all affected areas to their condition before the incident.

Civil Liability Insurance allows you to settle with the injured party by offering monetary compensation.

Types of damage

Soil contamination, surface and/or groundwater.

Flooding by waters from rivers, lakes or others.

Burning of forests or any natural landscape.

Destruction of protected plants or animals due to construction.

All such damage can be claimed up to 30 years after it occurs.
30 years after it occurs.

Are you still unsure about taking out Environmental Liability Insurance?

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