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We offer Environmental Liability and Civil Liability for contamination insurance

The Pool provides its partners with specific insurance solutions for companies facing environmental liability and, if required, civil liability for third-party contamination. Since the introduction of the Environmental Liability Act in October 2007, securing this insurance has become crucial for comprehensive protection against claims from both the Public Administration and third parties.

The Pool’s insurance policies stand out for having independent sums insured for each guarantee and insured facility. This document is intended solely for guidance, does not constitute an offer, and is not legally binding.

Environmental Liability and Civil Liability for contamination insurance | PERM

Environmental Liability Insurance

Environmental Environmental Liability Insurance is the basic insurance managed by the Pool; it provides the coverage necessary for liabilities under the Environmental Liability Act and any regulation by which the Environmental Authority might mandate the repair of unexpected damage to natural resources.

In addition to covering the cost of restoration activities for damaged natural resources, the insurance also covers the cost of:

  • The insured’s defence costs for covered claims.
  • The provision of judicial bonds, if applicable.
  • Two types of claims can be received for the same cause.
  • The cost of preventive measures, should an imminent risk of environmental damage arise.

Supplemental Contamination Liability Insurance

Optionally, claims for both damage to individuals and property, and also economic losses resulting from contamination incidents, can be covered within the same insurance contract but with an independent coverage amount.

This additional insurance also covers any compensation for harm to employees within the insured company for the same reasons.

If you wish to take out an Environmental Liability Insurance Policy

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