Our professionalism makes us EXPERTS in environmental risks

United by a common interest

The SPANISH ENVIRONMENTAL RISKS POOL is made up of a united, coherent, highly qualified team. Our specialists, all experts in their respective fields, work together effectively with a shared goal: to serve our partners.

One of our strong points is accessibility for all the company’s departments.

Our hallmark lies in tailoring our services to deliver swift, professional outcomes in the Environmental Risks market.

United and highly qualified team | PERM


Óscar Bustos Bermejo | PERM

Óscar Bustos Bermejo

T. +(34) 620981679


Graduate in Law from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Management Development Programme IESE 2022.

MAPFRE Industrial: 6 years in the Civil Liability Division. Head of Civil Liability Central Subcentre. Underwriting and management of all types of risks.

CASER: 7 years, 6 of them as Head of Civil Liability and Accidents. Managing both General and Professional Civil Liability and accident collectives (collective agreements, public tenders, etc.).

AON: 4 years as an account executive in the Professional Associations Area, focusing on Professional CL programmes. General Council of Lawyers, Madrid Bar Association, industrial engineers’ associations, etc.

Berkley: 4 years as Head of the Professional Civil Liability Dept. Healthcare civil liability groups, professional associations.

Since 2018, Manager of the CL Brokers Agreement Group. Currently combines managing the CL Brokers Agreement Group and the Spanish Environmental Risks Pool.

Technical Department

Miguel Ángel de la Calle Agudo | PERM

Miguel Ángel de la Calle Agudo

T. +(34) 609282078

Graduate in Geological Sciences from University of Salamanca.
Master’s Degree in Environmental Studies from Universidad Complutense and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
Master’s Degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca.

Miguel Ángel has been the technical director of the Environmental Risks Pool for the last 22 years.
Author of several articles on environmental risks and habitat banks. Co-author of the book Environmental Liability Risk Management and Business Strategy. Lecturer in a range of master’s degrees and courses on the Environment in business schools and universities.

Underwriting Department

Claims Department

Mª Ángeles Galán Urrea | PERM

Mª Ángeles Galán Urrea

T. +(34) 617315592

With 17 years’ experience, Mª Ángeles analyses industrial risks to offer coverage for Environmental and Civil Liability for Contamination.

She assesses and calculates the reinsurance premiums for partner companies.

She also maintains a close, responsive relationship with partner companies for a range of Environmental Liability questions.

Mario Migueláñez González | PERM

Mario Migueláñez González

T. +(34) 672048628

Graduate in Environmental Sciences, specialising in integrated management, waste treatment and occupational safety.

Over 17 years’ experience in the insurance and environmental sector, mainly in the industrial environment. In 2006, Mario began his career at Ferrovial Services, moving to Cespa, S.A. in the same group to become a technical consultant in the Quality and Environment Department and then a consultant and internal auditor, also implementing quality and environmental systems.

In 2007, he joined the Spanish Environmental Risks Pool’s Underwriting Department and is currently a Senior Environmental Risks Underwriter, studying the reinsurance applications proposed by partner companies. He calculates the premiums,sends the associated offers, technically analyses the company’s current portfolio, develops strategies to improve sales, trains underwriters, mediators and inspectors, visits companies to assess the environmental risks of their activity, performs internal audits of the quality of the underwriting, and advises the company’s clients on environmental liability insurance.

Claims Department

Francisco Daniel Pozo Irastorza | PERM

Francisco Daniel Pozo Irastorza

T. +(34) 610344894

Graduate in Law from Universidad Complutense, holding a Master’s Degree in Insurance and Risk Management from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, with additional training in Environmental Law.

Francisco Daniel began his professional career in the insurance sector in 2017, joining the Nuclear Risk Insurers’ Underwriting Department.

In 2018, he joined the Spanish Environmental Risks Pool, where he was responsible for processing claims, coordinating the involved parties through to effective resolution, and personally supervising decontamination efforts in any incidents that so required.

He provides support for the claims departments of partner companies, training claims processors in environmental liability matters and preparing quarterly reports and studies on claims settlements.

Production and Portfolio Control Department

María del Carmen Moreno López | PERM

María del Carmen Moreno López

T. +(34) 672048651

Senior Technician in Computer Systems Administration with complementary training in general accounting.

With 16 years’ experience in the Environmental Pool, María del Carmen is responsible for registering production and portfolio control, duly compiling, studying and shaping the economic data in the portfolio in order to undertake new commercial actions and improve risk assessment.

She is also in charge of identifying and resolving incidents in policies by speaking with partner companies.

Sonia Cabezas Gil | PERM

Sonia Cabezas Gil

T. +(34) 672048611

As an Administrative Assistant in the Production Department since 2012, Sonia’s main duty is to register and account for accepted production and to control the business portfolio.

She works closely with the Accounting Department to ensure control of the accepted business.

She also helps ensure the efficiency and transparency of the department’s operations through adequate financial management.

Beatriz García Muñoz | PERM

Beatriz García Muñoz

T. +(34) 661622925

Graduate in Law, with a degree in Administrative Management and advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office.

With 17 years’ experience in the Spanish Environmental Risks Pool, Beatriz is currently part of the Production and Portfolio Management Department, after moving from Administration.

Her duties include receiving and registering bordereaux, detailing the operations transferred by partner companies.

Analyse policies with ceded and accepted risks, interpreting movements in new production policies and modifications, including adjustments, supplements or changes throughout the policy’s lifetime. Constant, close contact with insurance companies.

Close each quarter, reconciling the amounts of premiums ceded by each insurer and technical amounts.

Administration and Accounting Department

Luis Repullo Aznar | PERM

Luis Repullo Aznar

T. +(34) 617316174

With 17 years’ experience in the Pool, Luis’s responsibilities include preparing and overseeing the company’s budgets and accounts, treasury control, managing reinsurance technical accounts and annual audits, ensuring compliance with fiscal, legal, and Social Security obligations, controlling equipment and office supplies, and managing personnel.

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