for the safety of our environment

Welcome to a new concept in Environmental Liability

Environmental liability is closely tied to how aware individuals, companies or organisations are of the need to prevent and reduce the negative impacts their activities may have on the environment.

Every human action impacts the environment, and it is crucial that we all take responsibility for protecting and preserving it for future generations.

A new concept in Environmental Liability | PERM


We value our environment and take responsibility for its care, benefiting both you and the planet. Through collective commitment and real action:

  • The survival and health of current and future generations are guaranteed.
  • Natural resources are protected, maintaining the balance of ecosystems.
  • We will achieve a sustainable future for future generations.

We protect you and the environment

We protect you by considering both you and the environment, before any incident occurs. Our Environmental Liability Insurance analyses each case and offers tailored solutions for every need, type and coverage requirement. Stand out in the job market by covering risks overlooked by others.

Are you still unsure about taking out Environmental Liability Insurance?

Find out more about our differential value

If you are an involved party needing an assessment of your activity’s potential environmental risks and the Environmental Liability Insurance policy, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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