Environmental Liability Insurance in EXPANSION


At the Spanish Environmental Risks Pool, we are actively working towards securing an international future.

We understand that international expansion is an ambitious, complex concept that involves facing new challenges and adapting to different cultures, languages and regulations specific to each country, but we are also aware of the new growth and development opportunities that going beyond our borders brings.

We have begun our journey in two countries with which we share a border, namely Portugal and Andorra.


At the Spanish Environmental Risks Pool, we can offer advice to companies operating in other countries. We study each case and open the doors to coverage abroad.


Environmental Liability is not an issue that is exclusive to one country or region, but rather represents a challenge for humanity as a whole.

Corporate Social Responsibility Graph | PERM

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) implies that companies should act ethically and transparently, taking into account the impact of their actions on society and the environment.

By combining CSR with Environmental Risk Insurance, it not only demonstrates their commitment but also allows them to operate with greater peace of mind and security.

Let’s work together to discover your optimal sustainable, responsible business development.

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